So, Tom had asked for a pack-out date of Monday, Oct. 17. This morning, Oct. 14, we got word that the packers had received his travel orders. Now, we need to meet with a packing consultant, who will tell us how to get organized for the pack-out event, which will likely occur on Oct. 18 or 19. Wow!

It is real. This is actually going to happen! At last.

Our readiness, on a scale from 1-to-10 (10 being absolutely ready), is about 8, I think. I could be fooling myself dreadfully, but I believe that one day of really focused organizing will get us ready for the movers.

I hope so. We have an Open House tomorrow from 1-4 pm. Gotta have the house shipshape for that, and then, Saturday evening, the insanity can begin, as we move boxes that are currently in the garage back into the house, organizing the Household Effects in one room, the Storage items in another, and the UAB (unaccompanied baggage) in yet another. Anything we plan to take with us directly (Tom to DC, and Aubrey and me to St. Babs and then on to DC), we’ll lock in a bathroom, taping the door with a Do Not Touch sign.

We have lists galore, and photos of all of our belongings. Now we just have to itemize and get replacement cost estimates in case something goes dreadfully wrong in transport or storage. Gulp. What is our net worth? How much do we really own?

One of our decisions is whether or not to stage the house with rented furniture once we pack out. It goes against my grain to rent furniture to put into the house while we try to sell. That’s an extra expense we don’t need. I’m thinking of enlarging photos of the rooms as they are with furniture and placing those poster-size images around the house on easels, so that prospective buyers can see what the place looks like with furniture. Any furniture we would rent wouldn’t be selected for this house, anyway, so I don’t see the point.

We may run into an argument about this with our delightful and helpful realtor, but I hope we win the argument. First, we have to clear the house of our “personal” stuff so that prospective buyers can imagine themselves and their things in the house, but then we have to furnish it, so that they can see what it looks like furnished? It boggles my mind. Darn those original over-achieving realtors who have brought us to this end! But, we’ll see.

Now I’m off to make sure I have all the paperwork I’ll need in the next five months, so that I can pay taxes, file FAFSA, and record all of our expenses. Can’t forget and let any of that go into storage, or I’ll be one unhappy camper. Our life will be upheaved, but the State and Feds will still want our IRS forms. Eeek.

Off to pack. I’ll check back in once things are underway.