The deed is done. The house is empty, our belongings are on a truck to Washington, DC, for temporary and long-term storage, and Tom is flying to DC at this very moment. I go to Santa Barbara for a month, and then Tom will return, Scott will come down, and we’ll all drive cross-country to DC on a family car trip during Thanksgiving weekend.

This has been such a whirlwind three weeks. Packed up some of our belongings and put the house on the market, then packed up all of our belongings for the next few months and several years, and then left an empty house. A home where we raised two children and lived a life of love and laughter. It’s hard to leave that behind, but we pray that another family moves in and finds as much joy in that house as we had.

Life has been great for us in San Diego. When we came here, we figured we wouldn’t stay more than a few years. But what did we know then about how quickly roots take hold? But, the time has come to leave. To seek new horizons and adventures. It’ll be a time of growth for all of us, and that’s what will keep us young and vibrant.

Twenty-eight years ago, I arrived in San Diego from Santa Barbara with my car packed full and carrying a parakeet. Next Monday, I’ll leave  San Diego and go back to Santa Barbara with my car packed full and carrying two puppies. Anyone watching me these 28 years apart would never know of the marriage and the childhood of my two children that have filled the years between. I’ve spent a lifetime here in San Diego. Farewell, San Diego. Until we meet again!