Tom checking in from the nation’s capital. I arrived last night and was greeted by old school chum and travel agent extraordinaire, Mr. Dan Douglas. We enjoyed some local brew and eats while watching the World Series and three or so college football games.

As much as I was yearning for a solid night’s sleep, it did not come, due to plenty of boisterous noise and honking of horns out on 14th Street.  This morning, I discovered part of the reason when I walked past McPherson Square, one block away, en route to Mass: it’s the Occupy DC HQ.  A wide assortment of folks have pitched tents in orderly fashion, joining up to seize the moment for their pet issues. The area homeless are joining in, too; a safer place to sleep at night, I think.  Fair weather is keeping the numbers of occupiers up. There are fervent seekers of change, tag alongs, and all manner of in-betweeners… like any group.

The closest Catholic church to my hotel turned out to be Cathedral of St. Mark, and this morning’s Mass was celebrated by the cardinal (not Stanford U, the priestly variety) to honor of those with special needs. Great and timely message: they remind us of the unconditional, uncomplicated nature of love. I was lucky to worship amongst so many angels; the congregation was full of spontaneous noises and plenty of motion.  The plumed KofC Color Guard and some Fez-wearing fellows added to the solemnity and pageantry.

Yet another new experience in this our “week like no other”: I unpacked my bags and put stuff in drawers. Gonna be in this hotel room thru mid-November, so it’s home for now. I am a stone’s throw from the Dept of Commerce HQ, my new employer; the White House; and the Washington Monument. Better still: I’ll be training onsite at the hotel through early December, so I get an elevator commute!

Ann and I feel like all this hasn’t yet sunk in. I for one feel as if I am on yet another extended business trip, when in fact I am turning that first page of a new work chapter that you’ve been hearing me talk about for 2 years or so. And the story involves leaving our home of 28 years. I’ll let you know when that a-ha moment hits me.

Off to shop for a warm overcoat!