I’m back in Santa Barbara, site of my home and my parents (Don and Tiny), and where Tom and the kids and I have spent many happy visits.

It always feels so right being here, so I’ve settled in immediately. True, my bedroom is still piled high with suitcases and bags of stuff that we’d crammed into the car, but I have my computer out and I’m madly diving into the editing projects that had been placed on the backburners in the past two weeks and which are now threatening to bubble over.

Speaking of suitcases. I was so rattled when we were packing that I think I sent the majority of my clothes to Washington, DC, and packed just a random assortment for the next month here in St. Babs. I know I sent all of my warm-weather clothing to storage for onward travel to Brazil. What was I thinking? Panicking, I believe, as the swarm of packers climbed the stairs before I was ready. Guess I might be buying a few t-shirts while I’m here. And maybe pajamas!

It’s going to be like Christmas when our things arrive in Brazil. I was so busy with editing deadlines that I wasn’t (thank God) able to micro-manage the move. I have no idea what we’re actually going to end up with in Brazil: kids’ toys and collectible dolls? while my office stuff stays in DC? I just have to trust that what I need, I will receive.

The dogs have settled in, as well, and are enjoying exploring Mom and Dad’s back yard, where they found a hind-leg portion of a mummified cat that Dad had in his yard for a while. Walked in the door with it, “Look what we found!” Good thing Tiny wasn’t here when they did it.

I’m still numb, though that’s to be expected. Somehow, it hasn’t sunk in that I’ve left San Diego for good…well, at least for the next ten-plus years. I still feel as though I could pack up the car, toss in the pups, and return to Branford Rd. and continue as normal.

Intellectually, I know we are gone. In fact, today the house is finally empty, as the movers came and got the piano for storage this morning. A blank slate for a new family.

I’ll spend the next month editing and doing all of the accounting for the move, with receipts and address-change follow-ups, etc. This will be my new office:

When I have time, of course, I’ll go out and explore my forever home, one of my favorite cities, and will post photos to entice visitors. I couldn’t have landed in a more loving and nurturing spot for this moment in my life!