So, we just found out that the estimator from the moving company was a wee bit off in his original estimate of the weight of our goods. If you recall, he estimated we had 26,000 lbs of possessions, so we immediately jettisoned most of our larger belongings: two couches, an ottoman, an over-size chair, coffee table, washer and dryer, two sets of patio furniture, most of our power tools, a garage cabinet, and half of my library. Plus, we put my Grandmother’s upright grand piano in storage in San Diego. We’d also considered getting rid of our bed and end tables.

Imagine our delight when Tom found out this morning that our ship-out weight had been 10,700 lbs, out of an allotted 18,000 lbs. We are not happy campers this morning. Trust the experts, and then get shafted.

In truth, it’s just stuff, and we can live without all of it. But we came so close to giving away other things that are near and dear to our hearts (besides my books). In fact, I went through all of our family photos and removed half of the frames, trying to save pounds wherever I could.

And all to find out that the estimator should have stayed at his desk and not come out to “fill in” for someone who usually worked the field. When he originally told us that, I cringed, but he said not to worry, that he had 18 years experience. I knew, though, when he listed us as having nine boxes of books going air freight that he was grievously mistaken (we had one box containing books and files). Little did I know how mistaken he was.

The upshot? Well, the government might retrieve our piano from storage in La Mirada and put it with our storage items in Maryland. End of story. The rest is history. I am delighted that our friends got to have our couch and coffee table and patio furniture; I have no problem with that. It’s all the stuff we gave to the thrift store that bothers me. It’s to a good cause, though, so I take comfort in that. And my books. Well, they are just books and now others can read them.

But I hate the incompetence that caused this whole episode. Ah well. As I told Tom. Now I have an excuse to buy things in Brazil! Seven thousand pounds worth!