Let’s hear it for an extra hour to enjoy this custom-ordered sunny and brisk fall weather — my favorite sort. Walking to Mass this morning, I passed the Occupy DC campout at McPherson Square, its occupants (occupiers?) lolling on the lawns and playing noncompetitive, life-affirming games.  It occurred to me that some ambitious searcher has probably blown in and claimed the Alpha Mayor spot, haranguing the rabble to pitch their tents in even rows and share snack foods, for the common good. Whatever the organization, however loosely aligned, some of us are compelled to make a club out of it and draw up a charter.

If I were the manager of Starbucks across the street, I’d be stocking plenty of extra bathroom supplies. An Occupation of the Corner Table was underway, with scruffy agitators defiantly logging on to WiFi with their protest sticker-bedecked MacBooks, keeping it real.  Power to the people and all, but can’t a guy still get his morning sponge bath, latte and log on?

Looked up while walking and saw National Geographic Society’s headquarters. Enticing; wonder if they have a library or book store? Wonder if they save every issue, like we do?

Mass was in Latin!  Whew, it’s been since I was wearing salt-n-pepper cords at Christ the King Grade School that I last sat through one. One hour, fifteen minutes, yes siree. Fortunately, I was late; thought it started 30 minutes later. Aren’t I supposed to show up 1 hour early on Fall Back time change day?

I joined six of my batch mates for Sunday supper at a Chinese restaurant. The menu was sublime and two of us are fluent Chinese speakers, so got a righteous combo of food. Great to have a gang with whom I can plot career advancement through blind ambition and ruthless domination.

The sun is streaming through the window, beckoning. Off to seek out another must-see from my long list.  The expense reports can wait until this evening!