Time has flown by. Tomorrow, I will have been here for three weeks! sheltered in the bosom of my family home.

It’s been a marvelous three weeks, as I’ve had the opportunity to stay with Mom and Dad, alone; well, just me and the two puppies! I haven’t been alone with the parents this long since Tom and I married 27 years ago. It’s been fabulous.

Mom and Dad are so welcoming, both to me and to the pups. And the puppies have behaved so well that they’ve won the hearts of Mom and Dad (Mom calls them her little angels and Dad takes great delight in playing with them outside, deviling them).

Upon reflection, I realize that this has been the perfect layover for me. It was disorienting to have all four of us off in different places at first, but I realize it was exactly what I needed. I had to shut down and recover my equilibrium. Which I have done. I am on an even keel again, after the insanity of the move-out. I’ve hunkered down and worked while I’ve been here, and helped Mom and Dad buy a big-screen TV and a new computer (which meant hours getting it set up so that they can use it), and in the evening we sit and watch TV. Very nice. Very calming. I even sat on the floor by Mom’s chair and she rubbed my head as she used to do when I was a kid!

I’ve also cooked meals, and thoroughly enjoyed one-on-one time with both of them. It’s delightful interacting with them as an adult. I tease them about their routine and they let me get away with it. They treat me like an adult, but still their child. I LIKE it!

One amazing blessing has been going to Mass with them. This month, Dad is the lecture at 7:30 am Mass, and Mom is Eucharistic Minister. What joy it has been to listen to my dad read the Word! EVERYONE should have that joy! There’s my dad, standing in front of the congregation, and proclaiming God’s Word. Slowly and with heartfelt sincerity. I cannot describe what that does to me inside. And then to receive the Host or the Cup from Mom. My heart just sings. These are the unexpected blessings and pleasures of my stay here. Cherished.

Funny thing is that for these past three weeks, I’ve been wearing pretty much the same clothing day in and day out. What was I thinking when I packed for St. Babs? Who knows? I’m assuming most of my clothing is in Washington as part of our air baggage.

That’s the other thing. I have no idea where most of my possessions are. Did things get sent to storage, or to be forwarded to Sao Paulo in six or seven months? The Good Lord knows and He ain’t tellin’! I do know that very little of our Christmas possessions went to DC, so I’ll have to buy a few things once we get back there. I’m so looking forward to the holidays, even though we’ll be away from Mom and Dad for their 65th wedding anniversary on Dec. 28. That’ll be hard, but there’s no way around it.

We take off on our cross-country adventure on Saturday. Tom arrives in St. Babs on Friday afternoon, and Scott on Friday night. Then, it’s off across the USA. Stay tuned!