Left Kingman this morning, heading east on I-40. First, stopped at an Urgent Care Center to verify that Scott just has a nasty cold and not pneumonia or something. Only a cold.

As we drove, Tom suggested that we put on the Portuguese tape I’d gotten with the Rosetta Stone program I’d bought. For twenty minutes, the four of us repeated the words we heard on the tape, deciphering their meaning simply by what we know of French and Spanish. Funny thing about Portuguese is how nasal it is. We sounded like a car full of sheep. But we’ll get used to the sound, so it’ll be easier to learn to speak.

After about 30 miles, we saw a sign saying “Grand Canyon, 62 miles.” Hadn’t planned on seeing it, but we took a vote. Why the heck not! At Williams, we got gas and then took the turnoff to the Grand Canyon. 62 miles each way, 124 miles total out of our way. But, IT’S THE GRAND CANYON! We hadn’t been there since the kids were 3 and 7.

So worth the side trip. Pretty much empty on the roads, a few people at the overlooks, and with sun and clouds, we couldn’t have asked for a more spectacular light show. Stunning. We dragged ourselves away after about an hour. But at least we made it!

Then it was back south, 62 miles to I-40, and then on to Gallup, NM. We had planned to  get to Albuquerque this evening, but that was another 132 miles and the pups were road weary by Gallup, so we called it a night.

Tomorrow, off to Amarillo, TX!