Santa Barbara, CA, to Kingman, AZ

We headed south and then east today, launching towards the East Coast and our new lives in Washington, DC, until March, anyway.

Mom and Dad made breakfast for us this morning: Dad’s patented chorizo eggs. Great way to launch us. Wouldn’t let us help with the dishes, but insisted we get packed up and on our way. The van was packed solid, though we left a seat open for the pups, as wells as padded along the space between seats so they could walk or sleep among us. Of course, that is where they prefer to be!

It was like a normal trip from St. Babs, with Mom and Dad standing at the curb waving us off, only this time our eyes were filled with tears. It would be a while before we see them again. Too hard to think about.

It was when we turned north on I-15, heading towards Barstow and not San Diego that we knew something had changed. From there, we hit I-40, our home for the next six days.

The dogs are good travelers, though Cricket’s stomach was a little woozy today. Thank goodness Aubrey had prepared us with little doggy barf bags! Three incidents and no mess! Sydney was a trooper.

The roads in California are an embarrassment. This truly struck home when we crossed the Colorado River into Arizona and the roads became smooth as butter. What a difference! And the landscape quickly changed as well, to high desert, forlorn and yet somehow enticing.

We headed for Kingman, AZ, for our first night’s stop, turning off the interstate after passing Shinarump Rd. and crossing over Holy Moses Creek. It was a great first day in the car. The perfect start to a road trip.