Gallup, NM, to Amarillo, TX

Today was just a day of driving. Gotta get some mileage under our belts now so that we can enjoy ourselves a bit more as we approach the East Coast.

Drove from Gallup, NM, and into Texas, where we encountered heavy fog/mist, which blocked much of our sight of the Republic of Texas all the way to Amarillo. Just outside of Amarillo, we passed the Cadillac Graveyard, which loomed eerily out of the lowering mists and evening gloom. I hope that we’ll backtrack a bit tomorrow so that we can visit and make our marks with spray paint, famous for a moment.

We have a long day tomorrow, as well, as we head for Fort Smith, Arkansas. We’ll be sure to take whatever side trip strikes our fancies from now on, since this is all new territory for each of us.

The puppies are great travelers, and Cricket seems to have overcome her car sickness, thank God. We were laughing about what they must think about this whole road trip. As far as they know, wherever we stop is home. Could be home forever. They don’t know. “But wait, they’re loading up the bags again. Stick by them! Don’t let them out of our sight! Sit on their feet! Good, they’re loading us. All is well with the world. Lie down and chill until we stop again and they let us out to run and do our business. Life is good when we’re with the family, no matter where we are!”