Nashville, TN, to Knoxville, TN

Happy Thanksgiving! We drove today through Nashville and then on to Knoxville, a short day of driving because we wanted to spend the day off the road, watching football and enjoying a day of rest.

In the morning, we drove through an abandoned downtown Nashville, which seemed charming without any crowds or cars. We all agree: Tennessee seems an inviting state to live in.

The drive was uneventful, and we stopped only for gas and to let the dogs run free a few times, shaking the kinks out of their legs.

We got to Knoxville about 2:30, and stayed at the classy Crown Plaza in downtown Knoxville. The rooms were great, but we immediately headed out with the pups to visit a downtown dog park we’d seen on the drive in, and to walk through the deserted downtown. We felt, in the absence of other people or cars, like we were in a post-Apocalypse world. Very eerie. But the downtown was charming, especially how they are re-claiming some of the old warehouses and creating downtown living space.

We’d missed the Thanksgiving Brunch from 10-2, so we had to wait until 5:30 to eat at the hotel restaurant…nothing else in downtown was open. We had our tastebuds primed for turkey…which was the evening special. It was tasty, but nothing like homemade. But, we all had a cocktail and wine with dinner, and the laughter was the best spice for the meal. How we enjoy the company of our kids!

We’d left a note on our door with Tom’s cell phone number, in case the puppies barked while we were at dinner, and alerted the bellmen that we’d be in the dining room if they got any complaints, but the pups were good as gold, sleeping while we were gone, and playing with their toys. How did we get so lucky?

Watched a football game, Dolphins vs. Cowboys, and then several hours of “Friends,” before turning in for the night.

One thing we experienced tonight, something that is our life for the next several years: taking the puppies down an elevator and outside to do their business, late at night and then first thing in the morning. Ah, the life high-rise puppies! This will take some getting used to.

All in all, it was a fantastic Thanksgiving, and we were all thrilled to be together. Skyped with Mom and Dad, which was a blast, and it took away some of the pain of not being with them. We have so much to be thankful for, and we know how blessed we have been.

Happy Thanksgiving, dear family and friends!