We are here in Washington, DC. Well, actually, we’re in Arlington, VA, right across the Potomac River from the capitol. In fact, if we go to the top floor of our apartment building and look east, this is our view:

Not bad, right? Until the moment when I saw this view, I had never before laid eyes on our capitol. And then to see it all lit up like this…well, it just couldn’t have been planned more beautifully.

We’re living in luxury apartments at the ParcRosslyn Apartments, right off the I-50. We’re on the 11th floor, facing west, so we get the afternoon sun, for which I am very, very thankful, and know I will be more thankful as the dark days of December approach. There is a little park across the street from us, so we can take the dogs down there four or five times a day. They, too, are learning to live in an apartment building now. Very different for all of us. So far, I like it just fine. The only negative is the smell of the oil from Korean food that permeates the hallways and elevators. Not my favorite smell in the world, but it’s just a small complaint. Otherwise, the apartment is bright, spacious, and beautiful.

In this photo, our apartment is the third brick apartment from the top on the far right. That’s Aubrey’s window in the bricks, and our living room window facing north in the concrete part. There’s a whole wall of floor-to-ceiling windows facing north just to the right of those.

We can walk to a Safeway and to several restaurants in the area, so it appears that we’ll be fine without a car. It’s nice to know, however, that we can sign up for a zip car any time we feel we need to drive…particularly when the holidays come.

We’re really enjoying the architecture of the neighborhoods: brick, East Coast, colonial. Lovely.

So for the next three months at least, this is home sweet home!