We are on the downhill rush to the move now. Tom and the dogs and I have had several rounds of shots (lepo-something, lyme disease, and rabies for the dogs), and Tom and I have one more round to go (Hep A&B, typhoid, tetanus, flu, Yellow Fever, and rabies…yes, rabies). One more round and then our bodies can recover.

We’ve also been filling out information forms galore, and I’ve been madly scrambling to record all of our possessions for insurance purposes: those that are with the kids, those that will stay in storage in Virginia, and those that will travel to Brazil with us. And, surprisingly, our insurance company doesn’t cover possessions or cars in Brazil, so we had to find an international insurer. So now, that’s all done. It took a while, but I finally got all of our possessions listed, and allocated. It helped that the kids and I had taken photos of all of our belongings a couple of years ago during the San Diego fire storms. I was able to separate photos of everything we gave away and what we still own.

Plus, we’ve had to buy some things here in DC, and have begun to address the Suggested Items to Bring to Post list that was sent to us. So far: heaters, dehumidifiers, fans, pillows, batteries, car oil, medications and contacts, and so much more.

I found out when we moved here how important it is to immediately nest. The day we arrived here in the apartment, Tom and the kids and I went around and surveyed what we had and what we would need to make this place a home. It was furnished, but was missing the little things that make a house a home. With that knowledge in mind, I’m squirreling away little items that I know we’ll want in Brazil. Can’t take too much, of course, because of the shipping weight limit, but I am making sure we have some of the things we’ll want to feel cozy and at home (pancake mix and syrup, cozy throw blankets, DVDs and music, etc.).

Just found out that we’ll be on the 23rd floor, not the second. A bit longer ride to get the dogs down and outside, but I’m so looking forward to the view! I think we’re almost at the top of the building. That’ll be interesting, since here on the 11th floor, I already feel the building moving, I kid you not. I’ll have a touch of seasickness when we first move in, I’m sure. (I get seasick watching cross-traffic, that’s how bad it is.)

Still so much more to do to get ready, but we’ve made a start. Arrange pack-out, arrange for flights for ourselves and the dogs, and then take the leap. My parents said yesterday that they admire us for doing this, at this time in our lives. At our age. I said the secret is, I still think we’re 32, so age isn’t a factor! What the heck, age is just a number, right? We’re pretty darn sure this is going to be a great adventure for all of us. My folks agree. Here’s to their wisdom, if not ours.