We have left Arlington/Washington and are en route to Miami, from whence we will fly to Sao Paulo. We’re making this trip for two reasons: 1) just to have time to decompress from the past few months before we launch into our new lives, and 2) to allow us to fly out of Miami so that the pups only have one flight and no connections to make. It’s their first time flying and they are just bundles of nerves. No, I mean it. I’M fine, but they’re nervous. Okay, fine. I’M nervous for them. But, this way, one flight, and time to decompress. Very nice for all concerned.

Nervous pups:

We left Washington yesterday morning and stopped in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina, for the night. We’re here again today, by plan and by fortunate circumstance. Went out for a joy ride in the rain today, and blew the right rear tire of the rental van. Thank God, we were only going 15 miles an hour, and not the 70 we were doing on the highways yesterday. So, the four of us sat in the van in the rain, waiting for AAA to come and put on the spare tire, so we could drive to the airport and get a new van.

Tom was  grousing about the tire, etc., but then we talked about God’s grace with how it happened, and we both began to feel better. This was forced downtime. Time to sit and just be still. We weren’t delayed on our trip, since we were planning on staying here an extra day anyway. So, no harm, no foul. And no accident. Grace on Good Friday.

This evening, after the storm passed, we took the dogs for a walk along the intercoastal waterway here in Wrightsville Beach. Glorious!

Next, we head for Savannah, GA. Again, providential, since Tom has apparently always wanted to visit there, and I never knew it! Then to St. Augustine, FL, also a place he’s wanted to visit, where we’ll also get to see sister-in-law Sandy and niece Julie, and finally get to meet the fellas in their lives. Cannot wait!

Reflecting on our four months in Washington (five, for Tom), we realize that the time there was a midpoint on this journey in so many ways: 1) we lived on the 11th floor, and will now be living on the 24th floor, so we got used to apartment living and heights; 2) Washington is a bigger, busier city than San Diego, so we got used to city living and using public transportation, since we didn’t have our car with us; 3) we were 3,000 miles from California, versus the 6,000 miles away we’ll be in Sao Paulo, and got used to being apart from the kids, a day’s flight away. So, all in all, it was a good preparation for life in Sao Paulo. Nothing like the real thing, of course, but good preparation, nonetheless.

I have to admit, I had a blast in Washington. What a wonderful city, with so much to see, so much history, and, yet, I only scraped the surface. I look forward to returning some day. We are now accustomed to a different kind of life than what we had in San Diego. And we are grown accustomed to having only one another. That is vital. After 27, almost 28, years together, we realize that we’re still nuts about each other and looking forward to the adventure ahead.

So, more from the road en route to Sao Paulo. Stay tuned.