Took the pups out for their midday walk: always hard, with so many people going to lunch, sidewalks and roads jammed. And there are always impatient drivers, frustrated by all of the trucks stopped in the street and impeding traffic (delivery trucks, construction trucks, etc.).

At the bottom of our street, I waited at the crosswalk until traffic finally stopped for me (there are no lights there). Drivers in both directions paused and waved me across. I was in the middle of the crosswalk when some guy back in traffic decided things weren’t moving fast enough, and pulled around to cut in between both lanes and pass. Fortunately, the guy in the first car next to me honked a warning and I pulled the pups behind me.

Intent on leapfrogging a couple of cars, he never saw me until he was right on me. His eyes widened in shock, doubly so when I kicked his car as he crawled past, barely squeezing by oncoming traffic. The car was too close for a good wallop, and I was only wearing flip-flops, so there wasn’t much force behind the kick, and he likely only saw the dusty print of my shoe later if he checked his car, but I know he heard the thump. He just ducked his head and took the corner on two wheels.

Several people along the sidewalk laughed when I kicked the car and shook my fist. I only wish I’d been wearing jackboots! (Tom says he knows what to get me for my next gift.)

The guy’s just lucky I didn’t unleash the twin Krakens on him!