Who knew that our favorite restaurant in Sao Paulo would be a Japanese sushi bar? It’s called Sushi Nabe and it’s just up the street from us, a block away. Japanese food in Brooklin!

The entrance and “outdoor seating” appear to have been a garage in a previous life (in fact, when it’s closed, they just pull down an aluminum garage door), and the restaurant is long and narrow, like many of the houses around here, with a sushi bar and cabinet seating downstairs, and family seating upstairs. We like to sit on the “patio” (that’s our table by the door).

Our “usual” is the #1 Combo, for R35 a piece (about $17), which includes a wonderful mushroom dish (fresh, crunchy, and yummy), a tuna hand roll, about ten pieces of sushi, numerous pieces of sashimi, various pieces of sushi rolls, and free ice cream for dessert. Fantastic, and so light and fresh!

It’s a treat to go there and eat , whether for lunch or dinner, but because we live so close, it’s also a treat to get “take out” sushi. We saw one of their fish boats being delivered one night and decided that we simply had to get one, as well (you return the boat; you don’t keep it).

So when our friend came for dinner, that’s what we ordered. There was so much food that she got to take home a plate, and I had some for lunch the next day. A fish boat and a bottle of saki…the perfect dinner!