When we want to mail a letter to the States, and not at Brazilian postal rates, we use the U.S. Pony Express.

What happens is that someone from post who is traveling to the U.S. volunteers to be a courier. They hand-carry all of the mail for U.S. destinations and mail them in a U.S. mailbox once they land.

Mail is then routed per usual as U.S. mail, reaching its destination much quicker than if it had been mailed from here in Brazil. If we mail letters from Brazil, it seems to take about two or three weeks to reach the addressee. Using the Pony Express, the mail arrives within five days!

Too bad incoming mail can’t be delivered the same way. We’re still waiting for mail that was posted from the U.S. three weeks ago. Not a big deal if it’s a bill (those can always wait), but much more important if it’s payment for an editing contract.

Packages can take even longer to arrive here, since everything must go through DC, and then be routed through Rio de Janeiro, then Brasilia, and then finally through Sao Paulo. No immediate gratification for online shoppers here! But, oh, the day when packages do arrive is glorious, indeed!

Oh-ho, the Wells Fargo wagon is a-comin’ down the street, oh please let it be for me. It could be something for someone who is no relation, or it could be, yes it could be, somethin’ special just for me! (Thank you, Meredith Wilson, for writing lyrics that get stuck in my head for weeks on end. Well, I’ve brought it on myself this time, haven’t I?)