How odd to look down onto the trees below us in the late afternoon sun and see budgies flying free in the treetops! Or to look up and see condors (I think) circling overhead! I suspect the latter may be sizing up the pups for a late-afternoon snack, but the windows and the netting should deter any evil intent.

Tom and I were playing with the pups at the Consulate one weekend and noticed several dozen small fruits lying on the ground. Little orange things, the size of lychee nuts. The dogs were interested in chewing on the fruit, but we weren’t sure whether or not there were poisonous.

Then another piece fell, and another. We looked up into a tall, tall palm tree that was filled with bunches of the orange fruits and saw a budgie climbing around on the fruit masses, biting at individual pieces of fruit and then letting them fall to the ground. There, in all of its glory, a wild budgerigar, just like this one.

I’m sure there were others; there was too much fruit on the ground for one little feathered gourmand.

Later that afternoon, walking in another part of the compound, we passed by a banana tree and scared away a bird of prey, which flew away with a baby bird of some sort in its talons. Didn’t see what type either bird was, but we hoped the baby wasn’t a budgie.

A week later, while walking through Ibirapuera Park, we stopped beneath some trees that appeared to have cotton balls around their bases.

The cotton came from the pods that dotted the trees. I stopped to take a photo of the pods, and had snapped several images before I realized what else I was photographing.

The trees were filled with budgies!

Just sitting there, big as you please, and popping open the pods. I don’t know, maybe this was the budgie IKEA and that was nesting compound for their winter homes.

At night, Tom and I can hear what we think is a wild bird, singing a song that sounds like a tin whistle. Haven’t seen it yet, but Tom thinks he’s identified where it lives.

From now on, I’ll try not to watch the sidewalk so much when I walk (though, by doing so, I will risk my neck) and look up and around me in the trees, to see what other wonderful surprises I can discover.