I’m so confused! My brain says it’s summer…it IS June 21st, after all…but the calendar says it’s winter.

Wait, the sun is in the north, right? That means summer. June 21, sun in the north, just had winter in DC. Yep, summer. Only, not.

Here in the Southern Hemisphere, winter begins today. People in Sao Paulo know that. See them wearing their coats and scarves and knitted hats and boots, and see the fondue pots, Gruyere cheeses and other assorted fromages, and stout beers stocked in front of all the grocery stores.

Oh, the Brasilieros like their cheeses!

Plus, the month of June features all sorts of Festas de Junho, which are sort of like Octoberfests in the Northern Hemisphere, where people dress in “farmer” costumes and sit on hay bales, light bonfires, set off firecrackers every night of the month, and attend fairs with games and lots of food found only during the Festas de Junho season, including marshmallow treats that look like corn on the cob. (We bought a pack of half a dozen, and ate two. Brasilieros also love their sweets!)

Another popular treat at this time of year (well, all year, they say) is the Romeo & Juliet. One piece of the dessert is a sweet made from guava, and the other is Minas Gerais cheese, a salty white cheese. You eat them together: sweet and salty. It takes some getting used to.

It’s autumn-type stuff. See me not getting with the program, as I waltz around the house in shirtsleeves and bare feet.

I have yet to wear a coat here. Well, besides a rain coat to keep off the wet. Cold-wise, not so much. I wore a scarf and boots today when I took the dogs for a walk. We have new guards at the gate, and I needed to impress on them the fact that I’m not an empregada, but am actually the Dona de Casa. So, I dressed the part. (Usually, it’s slip-ons and no scarf.)

We’re having a Fourth of July picnic at the Consulate on June 30. It being the 4th of July, I vow to wear my flip-flops and shorts…no matter what the weather. Stay tuned for photos!