Why yes, I DID go to lunch with my friends today! It was a delightful afternoon, and I didn’t perspire a drop! (That’s Monica and Bete. Guess which is which.)

Bete drove the three of us to the Morumbi Mall (see one of my first entries), and we ate at an Italian restaurant, the same where Tom and I had eaten with our sponsor our first day here. I had chicken breasts with lemon and a salad. And agua con gas. No wine. Bete had ravioli and Monica had fettuccine.

And we chatted. About everything. They used their English, I used my Portuguese, and we made plenty of faces and mimed a lot (well, Monica and I did). It was great just to sit and chat and learn more about them. Both of them speak English very well, though they say that they don’t. I’m sure our soundtrack would be like some B-movie Western, with cowboys and Indians speaking in broken language (I go. I study. We have eating food.), but what the heck, we understood each other!

After lunch, Bete took me upstairs in the mall to show me her academia, her gym. Really top-notch, with a pool on the rooftop. She arranged for Monica and me to have a free week-long trial membership next week. Bete goes every single day, and afterwards has coffee and, sometimes, lunch. I won’t have the time to do that, but I sure would like to take classes there, and swim. In fact, I bought a lovely swim cap today. Yes, they are required in all pools here in Brazil. (Tom and Scott will need them too, if they plan to swim.) It is a salt-water pool. Sparkling.

There’s also a running track on the rooftop. Spectacular! I can see myself using that track, especially on a day like today.

So, it was a successful luncheon. I treated; had to fight them for the honor. (Thank God the credit card reader worked!) We already have a lunch lined up for next week.

And now, I no longer think of us as the hummingbird, the rock, and the thermometer. Nope, now I see us as three magpies!