Yesterday, Tom and I went shopping for a new couch for the condo. Found a great one to recommend for purchase (it won’t be ours, but will belong to the unit).

While we were at ETNA (Brazil’s version of IKEA), we found a lovely floor lamp, which we needed, given that our possessions are likely going to be held up at the Port of Santos indefinitely, due to the ongoing customs officers strike.

Brought the lamp home and tried to put two lightbulbs into it, which meant sliding the center part out of the shade. Too bad there were four screws that needed to be unscrewed. With a tool we didn’t have.

Tom scrounged through all of our belongings until he found this wonder tool: the Leatherman Wave. Where we got it, we have no idea. But it’s a tool box (minus the hammer, though it would work if used just so) in a single unit. A condo-dweller’s ideal toolbox.

It has pliers (needlenose pliers, which come in very handy for so many things, from repairing jewelry to fixing the slider on a window), two saw blades, a rasp, a super-sharp knifeblade, a standard screwdriver head, a phillips screwdriver head, a can opener and bottletop dasher, a tiny and useless pair of scissors, and—most importantly for me—several sets of picks (for locks, windows, doors;…I did visit the DC Spy Museum, after all…).

We’d recently purchased a condo-sized hammer and a set of screwdrivers, to supplement the small electric screwdriver I’d given Tom for Christmas. (It had gotten to the point where kitchen knives, spoons, and tweezers just weren’t up to the tasks we had.) But now, I can’t imagine what else we’ll need. What a great tool!

Funny side note: after all of our scrambling to find a tool that worked, I discovered that the exact tool we needed was included in the packaging. Duh!