One of the first days here, I noticed a fellow using a payphone near the post office down the street. I noticed because he was crouching, almost sitting on his haunches to use the phone.

I thought that odd. It wasn’t until speaking to a friend later that I realized he’d been using a phone for the disabled. (My momma didn’t raise no dummies!)

Since then, I’ve been amused everytime I see a payphone around town, as I’m reminded of my initial bewilderment. Most of the payphones, no matter who the provider, are painted a sick pea-green. I guess that makes them easy to spot.

But there are fun payphones throughout the city that brighten my day every time I see them, especially those along Paulista Ave. in the Jardins district.

Apparently, there was something called Call Parade in Sao Paulo, a fun public arts project in which some 100 phone booths around town were decorated by local artists. They’re a hoot! What follows are the ones I’ve seen so far. I’ll add more as I espy them. I know for a fact that there’s a pair of green frogs that I saw one day. I just have to get back near Iberapuera Park to find them again. I hope to find and photograph most of these by the time we leave….