The magnificent municipal park near our home, Ibirapuera, comes to life on the weekends. Millions of Paulistanos are out to play, exercise, and meet up; it’s a display of city living at its finest. People and canines all on their best behavior. In a word, FUN. During my 5k trot/walk today, I saw sporty types on all forms of wheeled toys.  There was a dad about my age learning how to skateboard, vigilant teenaged son following close behind to catch him. And, I saw a bicycle polo match underway.

Bike Polo! Have you ever played?

Played on a game court, with lacrosse-sized goals, a tennis-sized ball, and two teams on bikes wielding mallets … it’s polo!  I imagine bike polo has its roots as an impromptu party game: early polo mallets were likely Party Cup + Duct Tape + any Long, Stick-like Object.  Our daughter confirmed for me today during our phone call that that is indeed the case, and in fact there’s a bike polo match on a regular basis in her neighborhood.

Saturday at Ibirapuera is an antidote to the clogged roads, long work days, and frenetic pace of life in the city. Being among the moving crowd inspires me to keep trotting!