Vila Madalena is an artist neighborhood near the center of Sao Paulo. Along its streets are artisan shops and restaurants interspersed among residential abodes, and, apparently, bars where celebrities sit to see and be seen …

Here, the street walls are decorated with eye-catching, colorful paintings, creating a hidden street art gallery in the center of town. Some folks, hearing about its location near major favelas, are reluctant to go there, but it’s safe, artsy, and welcoming.

This is where we gathered as a family in mid-December to have a professional photographer, Lynn Cordeiro of FalaPhoto, take our pictures. It was to be a rainy day with intermittent sunshine, so we moved the shoot to early afternoon to beat the worst of the rain…but it turned out to be a humid sunny day with unrelenting sunshine and temperatures in the 90s. Difficult for the photographer, and difficult for at least one of the photo subjects, who proceeded to melt in increments. (Yep, that would be me.)

But Lynn filled the afternoon with spontaneous fun, and we were all game for trying new poses, so I think she got some good shots. Here’s what she posted immediately after the shoot, as a teaser. Now I’m really looking forward to seeing the rest.


Meanwhile, here are photos I took during the shoot, trying to catch the artwork of the tiny street hidden in the heart of Sao Paulo.