Having had dogs my whole life, I know that dogs will go outside and eat grass if they’re not feeling well, but I didn’t know that they’ll eat it just for pleasure.

When we take the dogs to Tom’s office site to run on the weekends, they always seem to end up lying in the ivy, periodically snacking on the weeds among the ivy leaves.


Yesterday, at a street market, I bought two pots of “cat and dog grass,” which I had purchased once before. Today, the dogs have been walking over to the grass and delicately snacking on it. What a sight!

Crick1 Crick2 Syd2 Syd3

I did some reading and it appears that this grass, called intermediate wheatgrass, contains nutrients that their bodies need, and tastes great. Never having had condo dogs before, I am learning that we have to provide them with grass or greens somehow, either snacks off the office grounds, in their food (they do eat peas regularly), or through something like this dog grass. Who knew?