Chef Tatiana Cardoso is an artist. Her canvas is the human palette and her medium is food. Owner of the Moinho de Pedra (Stone Mill) restaurant near the U.S. Consulate (Rua Francisco de Morai, 227, Chacara San Antonio), Tatiana is a certified vegetarian chef who makes the mouth sing with flavors combined in ways unexpected and delightful.


Chef Tatiana, born in Bahia, Brazil, studied and worked in NYC before returning to Sao Paulo to open her own restaurant. Moinho de Pedra is a thriving enterprise, but after a while, she wanted to do something a bit different.

Then came Natural com Artes.


With her husband Felipe Senatore, she has opened this restaurant in the sonorous hills outside of Embu das Artes, where diners can sit in the shade of ancient trees and soak in the silence and beauty of a farm in the countryside.


“Moinho is a commercial venture,” says Chef Tatiana. “But Natural is interaction, a place where we can invite people to hear a lecture (if they wish) about natural living, and to enjoy the tastes of nature. They can come for a party, for food, or for a class, or all three put together.”

Natural com Artes, says Chef Tatiana, is “designed to offer its guests a range of interactive activities: Group dynamics in the kitchen, workshop for fine arts in the artist’s studio, practice in our organic garden, private parties and corporate gatherings in our restaurant, and cookery courses that will lead you to learn how our daily diet using only pure and organic ingredients can improve our health.

Interaction is the key word, as guests are invited to participate in the preparation of the food, as they learn about the health and energy benefits of natural, unprocessed cooking. “Food can nourish, repair, and strengthen bodies,” says Chef Tatiana.

Natural com Artes is open on Sundays and by reservation for parties. Sunday afternoons, the seating is from 1–5 pm, and diners are invited to enjoy homemade wine or sangria on the patio or join the chefs in preparing the dinner from scratch.

“Engagement is part of the event,” says Chef Tatiana.

Tatiana and the sous-chefs create the salads and vegetable dishes, including homemade pasta, while Felipe prepares the protein meals (fish, chicken, or meat) and cooks the homemade bread.



Appetizers are served while the main meal cooks, and diners are free to stroll in the vegetable gardens below the restaurant or enjoy the peace of the patio, with its running water and living wall of plants.


The artwork in the restaurant, painted by renowned artist Chef Felipe, adds a colorful charm and elegant ambiance. (The art is available for purchase, and visitors can visit his studio adjacent the restaurant.)

art1 art2 art3

In the garden, diners can walk among the various vegetable and fruit beds, enjoy the site of free-range chickens, and listen to the sounds of the countryside while absorbing the warmth of the sun as the meal is prepared.


Natural com Artes is available for private or corporate functions, in addition to the Sunday seating, and the chefs will happily prepare a menu for you, or you can make requests for the event.

Chef Tatiana also offers natural cooking workshops, either at Natural com Artes or at the Moinho restaurant, during which attendees will learn six new recipes. Tatiana will give a demo, or can provide a hands-on workshop, with salad, pasta, fish, and dessert stations. Prices vary, and are available upon request.

“I wish to educate and feed people,” says Chef Tatiana. “I want to extend my knowledge to people who wish to improve their lives.”

For more information, visit or call 11 4781-1065 or (cell) 11-99963-2988.