Tom and I are looking forward to traveling here in Brazil and throughout South America, when time and wallet allow. We want to go to Iguazu Falls, Buenos Aires, Chile, Ecuador, Montevideo, and so many places here in Brazil.

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The challenge is getting there. Here, there are many places we could drive, but we’re hearing tales of accidents involving trucks on Brazil’s roads skyrocketing 600 percent in the past two years. There’s also the problem that we’re clearly not locals. So, driving is a bit scary. (Or as they say here, Eu tenho medo de derigir.) That’s not to say we won’t drive, but it makes us think a little about putting ourselves at risk on the roads.

That leaves flying. The good news is that a lot of the interior flights are very, very reasonable. We can get to and from Rio for about $150 each. The bad news is, it means we have to fly. The good news is, we have a small airport near us. The bad news is, we have to fly.

I have a vague recollection of the joy of flying when I was a child, even though we flew stand-by on military planes. I even remember having actual utensils and cloth napkins, and we never flew anything but economy.


And I dream of a certain level of service.


But, sadly, flying is no longer a joy. Still, if it gets us out and about to see this wonderful continent, I’m willing to strap on the ol’ parachute and go for it!


Meanwhile, as we plan our next few trips, enjoy these photos of travel as we’ll never see it again.travel13

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