One Tuesday night, Tom came home bearing a package, always a welcome sight. Typically, the package will contain vitamins or dog chew toys or something we’ve ordered from Amazon for the house. But not this time.

It was a care package from Aubrey, with a note. Happiness is indeed a couple of bags of goodies for the pups, pistachio nuts for us, and boxes of Girl Scout cookies!


It doesn’t take much to make us happy. Best of all was getting something from home, from Aubrey, who was just letting us know she was thinking of us.

As we approach our one-year anniversary here, I marvel at how little contact we have had with some of our family and friends. I’m not complaining, because I know that they are staying in contact with us through this blog and through FaceBook. But it’s not exactly a two-way street.

All of us living abroad, in a new country with a different language and customs, can sometimes feel isolated from what we know and love. It’s a fact of life for any ex-pat, I think. But ah, what healing arrives in a care package!

Thank you, Aubrey! You are the Bomb of Happiness!