Tom and I saw O Rei Leão at the Teatro Renault on Saturday night. What a spectacular show!

We’d seen it ten years ago in New York, in a much larger theater, but though this was a smaller theater, it no less less enthralling. Such a treat for the eyes! Of course, we know the story so well, it made no difference that it was in Portuguese. In fact, I think that added to my enjoyment.

This being the broadway production, the costumes are the same as you will see in New York or London, or wherever the Broadway production is performed, and the costumes are magnificent.

LionKing11 LionKing9 LionKing4 Lionking1

Here’s a picture of Mufassa and Tio Scar. The masks rode above their heads, until they bent in combat and the masks lowered. Simply amazing to see.


The lioness costumes were beautiful and elegant in their simplicity.


It was a small cast, compared to the one was saw on Broadway, but the grandeur was little diminished as a result. The eye was still filled with colors and motion, and the sound system was flawless, doing justice to the perfect voices.

I simply have no criticism. It was a perfectly delightful evening!


One oddity was the concessions stand in the lobby, and people bringing tubs of popcorn and large sodas into the theater for a play. Maybe we do that in the States now, I’m not sure. It’s been a while since I went to a play at home. On the other hand, one custom I would suggest at home if it doesn’t already exist are the cushions for little kids. These solid blocks of foam raised the kids to adult height, thus allowing them to see easily. Such a great solution.

If you get a chance, either here in Sao Paulo or elsewhere, treat yourself to an evening with the Broadway production of the Lion King. You won’t regret it.

(All photos culled from the Internet)