Today, we went to see Guerra Mondial Z (World War Z) at the Cinemark theater at Cidade Jardins, a very upscale mall in central Sao Paulo.

This mall is so upscale, it sports the Tools & Toys store, which features full-size yachts inside the store.


The theater is upscale as well, which is why we went. We’d heard about its barca-lounger seating, and food and drinks delivery to your seat: a film experience suitable for royalty. No lie.

This is the theater foyer, sponsored by Bradesco Bank. (Notice the dearth of other moviegoers. I wonder if the cost has something to do with it, at R$52/ticket?)


This is the concessions stand: not just soda and popcorn, but featuring some of the finest in liquors and champagne.



We placed our order (soda and popcorn…noon on a Sunday was simply too early for champagne or whiskey) and paid. The treats would be brought to us at our seats. We humbly continued into the theater.


Most of the center seats were sold out, but I never saw the folks come in. They might have, or perhaps not. It was like we were in our own private viewing room, pitch black, and we were all wearing 3D glasses.


Comfy reclining chairs with leg rests and a swivel table for our snacks. Plus, a side table light, if we decided to read during the show. Luxury. Pure luxury.


This was the perfect movie to see in 3D, with zombies flying off the screen almost into our laps. But best of all for a shrimp like me was the unencumbered view of the screen.


I’ve been spoiled. As far as I am concerned, this is the ONLY way to see a movie now. At that price, however, it means maybe one movie every two months or so. But, it’s worth it. We be fly.