I wrote earlier about the lanchonettes in Sao Paulo, the corner diners. But there are some hidden gems throughout the city, where you can find European-style cafés, such as Bagueterie Toulouse in Campo Belo, about two miles from our apartment.

Here, you can sit on a little side street and enjoy a meal, or just sip a coffee and watch the world go by. We love this place, five blocks from the hustle and bustle of the main thoroughfare.


I particularly love that you can get sandwiches here, on French baguettes! Plus, they have some wonderful salads, which I have been missing as I miss sandwiches.

Inside is the bakery, with delicious breads and pastries, and a meat counter for lunch meats. I just noticed in the second photo that they also offer French baguettes for purchase. Danger! Danger!

IMG_6938IMG_6937 IMG_6936

We also like the fact that we can take the pups with us and sit out on the patio with them by our feet. There aren’t many places that are so pet-friendly, so this is a treat for all of us.

IMG_6931 IMG_6941

In inclement weather, they lower the rain curtains, but in sunny weather, it’s like sitting at a café on a street in France, next to streets covered in trees.

It’s nothing fancy, but it’s one of our favorite watering holes. Check it out at the corner of Iraque and Gabriella.