I went to the ophthalmologist here recently and had my eyes checked. My vision has changed in the past two years, and I need to order new glasses and contacts. I wear contacts most of the time, to see distances, but without contacts, I need glasses to see long distance. Without contacts, I need a different pair of glasses to see the computer screen. With contacts, I need still a different pair to see the computer screen or to read (countering the contacts prescription). Yes, that’s three different pairs of glasses. Nuts, I know.


So, it’s vital that I have current prescriptions and glasses. Thus, I visited an ophthalmologist who had been recommended by a friend. Fortunately, his office is in the professional building right next door. Very handy, and no need to drive.

I had my examination and Dr. Alexandre wrote out several prescriptions for the various glasses and contacts. However, when I went to order glasses online, I realized he hadn’t written the prescriptions in a way that I could use with the online forms. So, I took the original prescriptions back to his office and asked to have them written in US format (providing a form as a sample).


I waited almost two weeks, but received no calls telling me to come pick up the prescriptions, so I went back to the office to ask after them. They no longer had the prescriptions.

Apparently, having rewritten the prescriptions as I requested, Dr. Alexandre, being a super-nice guy, brought them back to our building (he lives in my building) and dropped them off at our apartment. Or thought he had. (He verified my apartment number with his ex-wife, with whom I play tennis, and who lives in the same building).

I know she knows my apartment number, but I’m not sure where he left them; it certainly wasn’t at our door. Now, they’re nowhere to be found! Wouldn’t you think that if you found prescriptions at your front door from a doctor and they weren’t yours, you’d return them to the doctor, right? Well, so far, nothing.

Oh my. Now, do I get another examination? at whose expense? I’m waiting to hear back from the doctor’s office.

I just want my damn prescription and new glasses and contacts!

blurrySomeday, I’m gonna have to look into Lasik!