We drove out of Sao Paulo for the weekend, heading first up to the mountains and Campos do Jordao, and then back down to a riverside posada in Guararema. Fabulous to get away!

Driving back to town today, I realized that one of the greatest trusts you can give to another person is to ride on the back of a motorcycle in Sao Paulo.

The way these folks constantly zip in and out between lanes, in spite of billboards on the outskirts of town warning them not to do so, I know for a fact that I wouldn’t have that kind of trust or courage.


One car pulling out at the wrong split-second, and you’d be toast…or jelly. And yet, hundreds of motorcyclists ride every mile of road in Sao Paulo every hour of the day.

I guess that’s why there are signs like this as you head back onto the highways. “God protect you! Have a good trip.”