This past weekend, the U.S. Marines at the Sao Paulo consular mission hosted two Halloween parties: one for kids and one for adults. We went to the one for adults, and we’re glad we did.

What a blast! We weren’t sure what to expect, but I was afraid we were going to be a bit out of place alongside what was sure to be a young crowd, given that most of the folks at the consulate are young, as are the Marines and the crowd they hang out with. But, no worries. There were two groups (young and older), and we all had a great time together.


(In the above photo, the Belle on the left said that it cost too much to rent the entire costume, so she opted for the abbreviated version. I think it was a hit with the guys!)

The party was held at the Marine House, a large place with room for a bar and a dance floor, and a big outside patio, where I stayed most of the time, since the headdress I was wearing was cooking my brain.

I went as Carmen Miranda and Tom went as my director, Jean Luc Gaston. We chose his name so that he could spit it at people when they asked if he was a mime (they did, of course, and friend Roy asked if he was Pepe Le Pew).


Among the guests were Roy and Liz, who went as rabid Brazilian soccer fans.


Other attendees included the Consulate General (Dennis) and his wife Mira (here, dressed as a judge and a desert nomad).


Among the younger group were Cat Women, Wonder Woman, the Joker, Batman, Willy Wonka, several nurses, an Indian, and other eye-catching looks for those in their 20s.


Out where we sat, the hookah was a big attraction. I blew their minds when I walked over and asked if Carmen could have a hit. It was tasty: kind of fruity and perfumey.


Jean Luc also had a go at it, or two or three.

IMG_0200We left about 12:30, just as the party was getting started, I’m sure, but it was the witching hour, and all older folks had to get while the getting was good, or get pulled onto the dance floor! (And Carmen only dances the samba! Tica-tica-tica!)

Thank you, Marines, for an evening of fun! Here’s hoping you raised lots of money for next month’s Marine Ball bash!