Halloween greetings! Here’s a photo of me (second from bottom) in the high school mime troupe (circa 1972). Meg, the author of this blog, stands above me. Mimes! Be very scared!

lying for a living


Here it is: the photo to instill chills in you. MIMES. Even worse: mimes full of teenage angst. I am among them. Woooo.

As for why “blank eyes, automatons, masks and ventriloquists’ dolls” instill fear, here’s an explanation. Zombie faces: why are we afraid of them?

[T]he empty eyes of a zombie figure in an otherwise human face is highly disconcerting. And it explains why the faces of dolls, clowns and dummies are used so regularly to frighten audiences.

“A consistent finding of the survey was people’s reactions to images where the face was convincingly human but with lifeless eyes or where eerily human eyes appeared in a non-human face.”

Look on our pancake makeup, humans, and creep yourselves out. Happy Halloween!

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