Tom and the kids and dogs and I spent four days at Juquehy Beach over the Thanksgiving holiday. Talk about paradise!

Because we were there during the week, the beach was almost empty. Our own semi-private tropical getaway. Broad white beach (that for some reason crunched underfoot), walk-in-warm ocean waters, islands on the horizon, and our own private sunshade and chairs. We were living the life, that’s for sure.


And the condo we rented was right at our backs, beach-side. I have to admit, we were tempted to turn squatters and never give up the condo. It was the perfect beach hideaway, with four bedrooms complete with A/C and fans, two and a half baths; a tiled-floor living room, kitchen, and dining area; and the most amazing outside patio, complete with churasscaria, hammock, rocking chairs, fountains, outside shower, and glorious tropical vegetation.

IMG_0658 IMG_0646

Every morning, we’d get up, have coffee and a light breakfast while we read, and then head for the beach, where our cabana had already been set up. We never used the beach-facing pool, preferring to be out on the white sand where Cricket and Sydney could run to their hearts’ content, without a leash.


Sydney was the real surprise of the trip. We had no idea she’d love the water as much as she did. Cricket always runs toward water, but not so Sydney…until this trip, when she’d set to yipping and dash into the waves, grinning from ear to ear. She and Cricket were our drenched lifeguards, rallying to the cry every time we went into the water.


Up at the cabana, they’d lie in the sun, tanning their bellies, until the sun got too hot. Then they’d dig into the sand to find a cool spot in the shade and pass out.


Typically, there are food carts and hawkers on Brazilian beaches, but during our stay they were blessedly absent. A few showed up and posted up at one end of the beach, but for the most part the beach was empty. Delightfully empty. (The only negative to this was that we had to bring our own beer to the beach. Can you imagine?!)

Juquehy Beach faces south-south-west, so we enjoyed several spectacular sunsets before heading in for the night. (I would have loved to stay out by the pool, but the mosquitos and their latent threat of Dengue fever drove us inside with the onset of darkness.)


Fortunately, we’d shopped before going to Juquehy, since most of the restaurants in the small town were closed until Friday. Not many mid-week holiday-goers this early in the season, I guess. We ate dinner out one night (pizza), but the rest of the time it was from our grocery stash. Aubrey and Scott don’t eat much, so we basically had one main meal a day.

Our Thanksgiving meal was a resounding success, if I do say so myself: boneless turkey breast meat, peas, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberries, and gravy. And a delicious red wine. Our “fully stocked kitchen” was missing a few crucial items, but fortunately we’d brought a muffin pan, so we made individual pumpkin pies with filo dough. Fantastic!

IMG_0647 IMG_0651Would we ever go back to Juquehy Beach? In a heartbeat!