Blue Beauty

The kids and I were driving last week near home when a fellow pulled up next to us at a stop light and honked his horn. Well, given the propensity for car thieves to bump you first before committing car theft, I figured he wasn’t after my car.

I was wrong. He wanted it. Badly. But, he wanted to buy it. Or so he hollered at me across his car, out his window, and into my window as we sat at the light.

We brought our 2001 Toyota Highlander with us to Brazil, and we think it might be unique in the nation. It certainly garners plenty of attention, especially with its embassy license plates.

We regularly have parking attendants ask us about the car and where it’s from. (We’ve also had bus drivers stop and ask us what our license plate is; they’re not used to the EMB prefix.) Our young friend Billy was very impressed to be riding around Guararema in an American car earlier, that’s for sure. Said he was going to tell all of his friends about it!

But this is the first time we’ve been asked if we want to sell the car, here and now. The man (who was driving a Brazilian brand of Toyota SUV) said his wife would love it! He was ready to make a deal right then.

But, buddy, you don’t understand. This is my Blue Beauty. He may be 12 years old, but he still looks like new, inside and out. He’s been cross-country with us, taught the kids to drive, spent memorable hours at drive-in movies, helped us car surf in Arches National Monument, and feels like home.

Sightseeing in San Francisco
New Driver #2
Arches (37) copy
Car Surfing in Arches National Monument (Yes, I did voluntarily lose my Mom of the Year award for suggesting that one!)

I hope and pray that he survives the live Autopia that is Brazil, where every outing is a dare. Just today, coming back from the grocery store, I avoided two accidents. Turn signals are pay-by-use here, I think. I don’t know why else they’d be so adverse to them!

My plan is to take Blue Beauty back to the States with us when we’re done with this tour. I’d love to pass it along to Scott, who is currently driving a wonderful and dependable 1996 Toyota 4Runner. But I’d love to pass along my favorite car ever (sorry, Chet the Chevette).

Fingers crossed and prayers raised that he survives Sao Paulo and Brazil roads. We’ll have to replace shocks and tighten nuts and bolts, but so far, he’s a champ. And, no, he ain’t for sale!