It is Easter time again. The holy day falls on Sunday, April 20, and already the stores of Brazil are in full holiday mode, with their tunnels of “Easter Egg” specialities clogging the aisles and stacks of Easter breads piled high near the doors.

IMG_1926 IMG_1925 IMG_1924

IMG_1931 IMG_1930 IMG_1932

We’re headed for Paraty, up the coast in the Atlantic rainforest, and will get to see the Good Friday celebrations and go to Easter Mass in the colonial town.


But meanwhile, we have our choice of truly bizarre Easter candy options.

IMG_1929 IMG_1928 IMG_1927

Okay, this from someone who thinks Peeps are a truly great creation…

peeps1 peeps2

Well, I only EAT Peeps. Others do this sort of thing:

peeps8 peeps7 peeps6 peeps4 peeps3

Happy Easter, Everyone!