CalgaryIt is official: Tom got the position in Canada! We will be heading to Calgary for the next four years, likely leaving Brazil in July. I am beside myself with glee.

It’s a great position for Tom, and we’ll be closer to family for the important things in life that will arise in the next four years. Plus, we’ll be in a city of 1.5 million, not 18-22 million, so I’ll breathe a little easier, I’m sure.

And we’ll have cold weather! Oh, so cold! The dogs won’t know what hit them! But, they’ve survived the cold before.


IMG_5352Tom says he refuses to put sweaters or boots on the dogs. We shall see….

And I’ll get to buy coats! and boots! and wear pants and sweaters and jackets! No more shorts, t-shirts, and flip-flops all the livelong day! I can wear outfits! Ridiculous, I know, but it just shows how deep-thinking and pensive I am…

Now, the end is in sight, and the future is on the horizon. As I write this, an afternoon storm has hit and a tremendous downfall is obscuring our view outside. I’ll miss the afternoon rains here, where the windows are wide open, and I’m still in shorts, flip-flops, and a t-shirt. There are many things I will miss about Brazil, and I’ll write about those another time.

For now, I’ll simply do my happy dance around the apartment. First things to do: learn the words to O Canada, study up on hockey, and learn to speak Canadian English.