It has begun. My mind is turning to our next posting in Calgary, as I realize we are moving 180-degrees in our lifestyle. As the anticipation grows, I am beginning to reflect on life here in Sao Paulo, and what a blessing it has been to be here.

There are definitely things I will miss about life in Brazil.

IMG_1075Will miss:

  • Our view from the 24th floor
  • Countryside (Atlantic Rain Forest, rolling mountains, verdant hills, palm trees in fields, sugar cane fields)
  • Magnum ice cream bars
  • Adults eating ice cream bars as they walk along the sidewalks after lunch
  • Flowers: the year-round blooms of pink, orange, red, purple, yellow, white
  • Driving lawless in the city
  • Brazilian flag
  • Music (I’ve come to love the rhythms of the music here)
  • Street art
  • Colors of houses
  • Red soil
  • People (I could speak about the people all day: warm, loving, hard-working, joyous)
  • Taxi drivers (so polite and professional)
  • Flowering trees in hues of pink, yellow, purple, red, and blue
  • French bread rolls
  • Watching flocks of parakeets fly home to roost for the night
  • Cafezinhos (little cups of coffee, available free in many launchonetes)
  • Embu das Artes craft town
  • Fresh coconut water (tapped while you wait)
  • Calda de cano (sugar cane water, crushed fresh while you wait)
  • Tapioca treats (Brazilian crepes)
  • Our favorite restaurants
  • The neighborhood sushi restaurant and its employees
  • Our porteiros
  • The murmur of Portuguese in a restaurant: a happy burble
  • The beaches! (Paradise!)
  • Afternoon thunder storms (and being IN the clouds)

IMG_0905And, there are things I won’t miss:

Won’t miss:

  • The heat and humidity
  • Motoboys
  • No freeways, necessitating driving long distances on two-lane roads, with trucks that pass on hills
  • Hiwaymen
  • Driving/crawling in the city
  • Slow drivers on hiways
  • Garbage on the sidewalks
  • Broken sidewalks
  • Flooded roads during rains
  • Road construction
  • Potholes in the roads
  • Fortress-like homes
  • Water-soluble toilet paper
  • Toilet paper in trash, rather than flushing
  • Internet stopping during  rains
  • Angry graffiti on walls
  • Shopping for 15 minutes, in checkout line for 45 minutes
  • Street demonstrations
  • Choosing clothes that will circumvent meltdown, rather than for style
  • The drought

I like Brazil. I’m glad we came. Perhaps we will return. What will it be like in five years?