We had rain yesterday. Such a rain! After 10 minutes, this was the road behind us.

Later, I saw several cars back down the hill, the water running so hard and fast that it threatened to engulf the low-lying sedans. Traffic was a snarl as roads were closed due to flooding, per usual.

But that doesn’t mean the drought is over. So much of the water is runoff, and isn’t channeled to the reservoirs, so isn’t saved for future use.

This was the notice in the elevator today:

photo“March 22, World Day of Water, Have a drip of conscience, economize water!”

With the rain, many Brazilians reportedly think the drought is over, and so they are back to their usual habits, of twice-daily 15-minute showers, washing sidewalks, etc., in short, not economizing.

I admit, with the rain we had yesterday, and with more anticipated this afternoon, it’s hard to think that we’re still short on water. Well, at least we’ll know to save some on March 22!