beammeFor years when I was little, I wished that I could make things happen with a twitch of my cute up-turned nose as Samantha did on Bewitched.

Now that we’re initiating preparations to transit to the US before going on to Calgary, I’m wishing for something a bit more techno-cool. I want to be able to comm Scotty and tell him to beam me up.

In 2011 when we got word that we would be launching into this life, I had a month to put our house of 29 years on the market, divvy up our belongings between what was to go to Brazil and what was to go to long-term storage (everything ended up in one melange), drive boxes to Northern California for the kids’ use while in college and afterward, and pack items for use in DC for four months before we left for Brazil. We got it done, and kept our sanity (well, mostly).

movingHaving finished three years here in Sao Paulo, we are now beginning to initiate the process of starting preparation for transit yet again. While it is significantly easier this go-round (with no house to sell, and just getting our possessions en route to Canada), I am feeling a bit overwhelmed by all that must be done, but my life as an Army Brat will hold me in good stead; I know how to pack and I know how to organize.

Most worrisome about the whole process is getting Cricket and Sydney home. Because the trip to LAX is 12.5 hours long, we can’t fly direct from Sao Paulo. No worries, that just means a road trip from Texas. Woot! But it’s the flight to Texas that worries me. They’re so small, and the plane is massive, noisy, and scary.

I wish the dogs could just fly on the plane with us. How awesome would that be?

dogs-on-a-planeTom says that tranquilizers are in order. For me. We have a friend who will go to the airport with us and remain feet on the ground until the flight has taken off, verified with the dogs on board. Meanwhile, Tom will be encouraging me to sedate myself with nips of my favorite alcohol. I might have to oblige.

Really, my biggest worry is the dogs. The rest is just stuff. And schedules. We’ve already had one schedule snafu, and I’m sure there will be others. Any FS family knows to expect several snafus.

Snafus with scheduling and property and car, I can handle. But I pray that there are no snafus with the pups. One long ride and they’ll be done, with only car trips thereafter for many years.