IMG_0563I was delayed writing this post due to unavoidable life. But I mustn’t let more time pass before bidding adieu and farewell to Brazil, my home for the past three years and change.

I left Sao Paulo in mid-June after a whirlwind packout, leaving husband and pups behind as I jetted home for an emergency. Tom and the pups followed two weeks later, and our household belongings and car have been shipped from Brazil and are en route to Calgary.

My life since the first of May has been surreal, and I’m still not sure what life I am leading. Every day is a new dawning, and now that we have arrived in Calgary and Tom has started his new job, I look forward to a bit more normality to my life.

I am delighted to be in Calgary, but I will always be grateful for our time in Brazil. When we first arrived in Sao Paulo, I wasn’t sure I would ever say I liked it. It was too large, too dirty, with too much traffic, and I was afraid. I’d never lived anywhere like it, and I wasn’t sure I could adapt.

paratyBut one day, about six months after we arrived, I turned to Tom in surprise and said, “I LIKE this place!” I came to love the people and their optimism, and thoroughly enjoyed life outside of the big city. Brazil has spectacular natural gifts…in its people and its geography.

We made good friends there, whom we will cherish for years to come.

And the colors green and yellow will always evoke Brazil and her lovely energy in sport and celebration.

I will stand and sing with people any time I hear the Brazilian national anthem, and I eagerly listen to all Portuguese conversations I hear around me now. I understand! and I enjoy the uphill and downhill lilt of the language so very much, especially when it is interspersed with men’s laughter.

I have much to be thankful for from our life in Brazil. I think my eyes were opened in many ways, and I gained understanding of life challenges in a mega-city. God’s blessing on those who have to survive without the advantage of education or opportunity. So many Brazilians face enormous obstacles to success or survival, and yet they are so optimistic of their chances, if the government would just get out of the way.

CR8I will continue to hold Brazil in my heart, and to pray for its long-awaited advance on the world stage, free to live up to its enormous potential in people and natural gifts.

Tchau, Brasil. Muito obrigada!