View - 1We’re here in Calgary at last! It was a long, rough road getting here, personally, but at last, we are here, and LOVING it! A welcome change from Sao Paulo, the city is clean, graffiti free, and smogless! The air is brisk and fresh and I can walk outside without getting drenched with perspiration.

True, the weather hasn’t gotten as cold as it will get, and I might change my tune when we drop below zero, but I’ll take temps in the 40s and 50s gladly, anything to get away from the heat of Brazil (and Santa Barbara this summer).

It’s 50 degrees out today and I’m still barefoot, but I do wear pants (mostly capris) and long-sleeved shirts (rolled up) at the moment. The air is so brisk and refreshing here! When Tom and I do tai-chi breathing out along the river of an evening, I suck air in deeply, cleansing my body. I never felt like I was cleansing in Sao Paulo when I did deep breathing. Just sucking foulness deeper into my lungs.

The dogs and I walk along the river at least once a day. The other day, the walk was achingly beautiful. The trees along the river have started to turn yellow just since we arrived. Wispy white clouds patched the pristine blue sky, and the sunlight danced on the rain-swollen green river. Heavenly!

CityView - 1 (1)I think Calgary is a gorgeous city, but as I look at the ubiquitous high-rises climbing into the clouds downtown, I’m sure that native Calgarians are not too pleased with the changing skyline. I think some of the old charm has been lost by the glass-sided behemoths, but at least they are (for the most part) easy on the eye.

CityView - 1We’re currently living in an apartment downtown right along the river front, an excellent introduction to the town. Once our household belongings arrive, we’ll move into Inglewood, a great little neighborhood about a mile from downtown. It even has an old diner, which pleases breakfast-lover Tom immensely!

In Sao Paulo, I pretended that the main roads that ran past our apartment were rivers, the sound of traffic the sound of water rushing past the banks on which I dwelt. Here in Calgary, that is what I actually hear! And the Bow and Elbow rivers are clean, inviting, pristine, without islands of garbage floating sluggishly along as with the Tiete and Pinheros rivers in Sao Paulo. What a welcome change!

river - 1So far, I feel this is a great move for us. Tom is thrilled with his new job and I am quite content with our new location. O Canada, you seem to have so much to offer!