Oh yes, count me in! Tom got a message at work today about putting together a team or two from the Consulate for a game called Human Bonspiel (aka, Human Curling).


We immediately signed up. How not? The game involves people hurling themselves down an ice rink in giant inner tubes at Olympic Plaza, right across the street from Tom’s office. (In the summer, the ice rink is a water fountain.)

Olympic - 1

Each team will have four members and the game is scored like curling. Each team member will slide three times.

The event will take place during the lunch hour from February 1 to February 11. The teams would only compete on one day during this time frame (TBD), and we’re hoping that our team competes early, since Tom will be out of town from in the latter part of the competition. Geez, what if we’re champions? It could happen!

Now, to think of a team name. Any suggestions?

UPDATE: We competed, and our team name was Slide and the Family Stone.