I went away for two weeks and returned to find that fall fell in my absence. The city is awash in yellow and oranges! I am simply overwhelmed by the beauty of this place.

The pups and I took our daily walk along the river today and reveled in the colors along the way. I took pictures, because I know the leaves won’t last long. Already the path is strewn with fallen leaves and the days and nights are getting chillier (see next Sunday…!).


Happy me!

This weekend, we’ll drive up to Banff to see the colors there, and perhaps enjoy some fondue in downtown Banff, with a nice dark beer. Fall food. Love it. The veggies on sale at the farmers market have transitioned to fall fare: squash, peppers, beans, potatoes, etc. Perfect for stews.

The time has come to cook soups and to curl up with a book in the early evening…now that the sun is setting around 7:30, rather than 11:15! Love me some autumn!

Enjoy this Symphony of Autumn: