Well, add another adventure to our list here in Calgary: cross-country skiing … on a golf course.

As Tom says, that’s the best use of a golf course that he can imagine.

This weekend, we rented skis from the local sport/outdoor company (MEC) and skied at the Shaganappi Golf Course, one of several golf courses in Calgary that are open to the public for cross-country skiing during the winter. The courses are open 24/7!


Amazingly, we were only about ten miles from home the entire time, with the skyline of downtown visible from much of the course.


We hadn’t been on a pair of skis for at least ten years, so for our first half-hour we were just finding our “sea legs.” I’ve never been the least hesitant about doing anything sports-wise, so this was a new sensation for me. In the past, I would have strapped on the skis and gone for broke, but that’s exactly what I didn’t do this time, because I didn’t want to broke.

But soon enough, we were shooshing our way across the course, making our own trail since we were the first ones out on Saturday … a gloriously sunny day in the high 20s. On Sunday, the trails were more apparent, but the snow was really blowing, so some of the tracks got covered quickly. The weather was in the mid-teens, and I might have “frozen” my lungs a bit as I sucked in the cold air. I certainly froze my teeth, since I was grinning so much.

If the weather holds (meaning stays cold and snowy), as they say it might, and we get more snow in the end of March, I hope to go back out and try the course in Canmore, between Calgary and Banff, or try another golf course here in Calgary…before the season starts, at which point we’ll put away the skis and pull out the golf bags!

Calgary, thank you for the fun you’re offering us. Next weekend, dog sledding in the Kananaskis mountains!