We have been here in Calgary for two years. The time has flown. I’m so glad that we have another two years here. As Tom and I say, we doubt we’ll ever have such a great posting.

Tower - 1

There is little that we don’t like about Calgary. Do we wish it were a little more lively at night? Yes, from time to time. Do we wish they didn’t try to cram every single last little construction project into the months when the ground isn’t frozen? Definitely.

But what a place this is to live! The air is pure, nature is just outside our door, the people are courteous and friendly, and we feel safe here. There isn’t a day that goes by when we aren’t happy to be here (amazing, given how much we miss being with our kids and family). We live four houses from the Bow River, where we can kayak, fish, walk, bike, or sit and just stare.

We are ninety minutes from Banff National Park, and two hours from Lake Louise, where we have seen the lake in all four seasons, truly a treat. Our first time, we even walked on the lake!


We’ve fished, hiked, biked, ambled, cross-country skied, gone dog-sledding, and even ridden go-carts down a hillside at the Calgary Olympic Park.

dogsledding - 36

We’ve made some good friends and had wonderful chats with complete strangers. Best of all, we’ve been able to share this place with loved ones and friends. In fact, my almost 90-year-old mother is coming in two weeks for her second visit!

We are flying to Ottawa tomorrow, to see the nation’s capitol and enjoy the sites of a Canadian East Coast city. We had a blast with our friend Woody in Quebec City this January, and she’ll be joining us tomorrow.


With two years left, we’ll have to scramble to do everything we hope to do, but I think we’ll get most of it accomplished. Top of my list is visiting the East Coast, and getting up to Yellowknife to see the Aurora Borealis.

Thanks, Calgary (and Canada), for all you have given us this far. We are grateful to be here.