It is official. Our time in Calgary has ended, and we are off to new horizons. I can’t believe how quickly the four years passed! As they say, time flies when you’re having fun, and we had a BLAST in Calgary!

It’s hard to believe that we aren’t just on vacation, to return soon to our home in Calgary. But it is not to be. That phase has passed and now we begin a new journey in life.

New Orleans, here we come!

Tom had hoped to be assigned a foreign post for his next assignment, but must complete a US assignment sometime in his years of service, and this is the time. So, no Singapore, no London, no Brussels. Instead, we’ll be in the most foreign of all possible US postings: New Orleans.

I’ve never been, and Tom has only been once, but EVERYONE says that we will love it. Those who have visited as well as those who have lived there vow that our lives will be forever changed by living there. I hope that’s a good thing!

We did our due diligence by reading books about New Orleans’s history, and watching all seasons of HBO’s show Treme. I am well versed in the history and the music of the city, and we are primed for the food, culture, and drinks that linger in our future.

We said good-bye to Calgary with heavy hearts but eager to see what the future holds. We drove across Canada to the west, took two ferries, and landed in Port Angeles, Washington, our first touchdown in the United States.

Now, we face forward to the future, and head down to the Deep South, a land as alien to us as Canada once was.