Well, I know I have been remiss in updating my travel blog. No excuses. Just life. Oh, and well, Covid-19.

Fortunately, we dove into life in NOLA immediately upon our arrival, from indulging at Cafe du Monde, partaking of some of the area’s finest/tastiest dining, and enjoying music and cocktails…to Mardi Gras!

But then, Covid-19 hit and we’ve been basically isolated in our lovely home since March. No music. No Second Lines. No theater or festivals. And very little in the way of fine dining or interaction with the locals.

And now we are getting ready to pack-out and head for Washington, DC.

For us, as for the rest of the world, 2020 has been surreal. And as far as living in NOLA goes, a supreme waste of a magnificent opportunity. With the high rate of infection resulting from the Mardi Gras crowds, and the unbelievable death rates for the first several months, lockdown was our only option.

Before we go, however, I will update this site with some of our more memorable events, among them Diner en Blanc at the Mississippi’s edge, bonfires on Christmas Eve on the levees, festivals galore, French Quarter and parks exploration, Mardi Gras, alligator sighting on the bayou, and much more.

In the meantime, here are a few photos to whet your appetites. They will recall memories for the rest of our lives, of this place of charm, challenge, magic, and mystery. NOLA, you have settled a place in our hearts forever.